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Introduced by popular demand!

has been tested for a long time and is specifically made to reinforce the longevity of your wefts. Suitable for ALL Hair Weft!


Price: From £ 7.61 ($10.00) each

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All our Weft  are  reinforced with extra threading and we seal them prior to shipment! This will only be required if you have a double-wefted item and prefer to split your weft which will cut into the extra threading, then you will be required to use the seal-a-weave™ for further reinforcement.

•  Quick Dry, ready in an hour

•    Washable

•    Easy bottle applicator tip for self-control

•    Comes in various colors to perfectly match your weft

•    Flexible

Weight: 1fl. oz/ 30mL

Color Recommendation:

Coffee:  This is suitable for hair color #1, #1B, Natural Black, Natural Brown, #2, #3, or #4

Caramel-   This is suitable for hair color #4, #6, #8, #9, #10, #12, #14, #16,#18, #10, #33, #35, #99J or #350

Clear-   This is suitable for hair color #20, #22, #24, #60, or #613

Store in a cool dry place.



Customer Reviews
13 January 2014 17:14
I like the fact that it is black and it dries quickly so don't have to wait around for hours for results! I just finished applying it to 3 bundles of virgin 1b hair.

20 August 2013 14:14
I always seal my wefts when using weft hair, it completely stops any shedding.. Not that this hair sheds at all, it's just an added precautions habit. Love this hair!

05 April 2013 14:14
I love the sealant I bought from this website. When I sealed the weft, the sealant dried really quickly, this was just what I needed!

12 October 2012 17:14
I love the sealant i bought from this website. When i sealed the weft , the sealant dried really quickly, which was just what i needed because i got it installed the next morning.

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