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What is Mongolian Hair?

The Mongolian Hair is hair from a Mongolian donor. The hair normally comes straight with a slight body to it. The Mongolians generally has a “Natural Black Color” The color is not as dark as Chinese or some Indian hair. The color is very close to a lighter 1B/darkest #2 color.


Does the Mongolian Virgin Hair come in natural texture other than straight?

NO, over 80% of Mongolians have straight hair with slight body. If you were offered Mongolian Hair in other natural textures, we almost guarantee that it’s either not Authentic Mongolian Hair or it has been treated for texture!


What makes ONYC® Mongolian Hair different from other textured hair in the Market?

To achieve a great result from textured hair, it needs to be produced with pure cuticle hair, otherwise it tangles tremendously. The cuticle provides a nice sheen which prevents excessive tangling. We guarantee this hair to be product of Pure Cuticle hair and nothing less or more. This beautiful hair gets better after each wash!


Do I need to seal ONYC® Mongolian Hair Weft before installment?

No, you do not need to, the hair will come to you completely clean and ready for install!

Our Mongolian hair is double weft so we only apply one layer of sealant which will make the weft easier to split. If you do not intend to split the weft, you’re good to go without extra sealant. If you split the weft, we strongly recommend double sealing the weft after-wards with our “Demorin Seal-a-weave. !

You can also apply one more layer of the sealant on the double weft as it comes for extra reinforcement.  This is  especially beneficial for our Kinky or Tight Kinky Curl which require a little more maintenance than our wavy or straight hair due to the tightly  curl pattern.


Can I chemically treat ONYC® Mongolian Hair?

Sure, you can easily color all our Mongolian Hair. The hair is Full Cuticle hair which means you can easily treat with chemicals and achieve a uniform result.  We recommend two shades lighter for "Do It Yourself" and consult a professional colorist for lighter shades.


  • You can ONLY perform chemical perm or curl reformation on the Mongolian virgin and not the Relax Perm or Kinky Curl.
  •  We ONLY  recommend coloring the "Natural Black" colors ONLY. We strongly recommend deposit colors ONLY (this means going darker than the original color but not lighter) for already color treated hair.


Does your Mongolian Relax Perm hold curls? I’ve tried different types of textured hair and they can not keep slightest curl.

Our Mongolian Relax Perm holds tremendous curls more than any other textured hair. It is produced from Mongolian Virgin hair which has slight body to it as a result retains curls much better. Keep in mind that the more textured the hair, the less curls it holds, in that case our Light-Perm will hold more curls than the Regular Perm.


Can I straighten your Mongolian Kinky Curl?

Sure, you can easily temporarily change the curl pattern and be rest assured to have your ringlet curls back after washing it! You can roller set, twist-out or flat iron this hair. If you’ll flat iron frequently, we highly recommend roller-setting the hair and straighten with medium heat to ensure long lasting of your kinky curl pattern.


What is the length of the Mongolian Kinky in curly state?

Our Kinky just like all curIy hair is measured in straight state.   general, the Kinky 3B-3C is 30-35% shorter than straight state and the Tight Kinky 3C-4A is 35-40% shorter than straight state. For instance 20” Kinky will be 14” in straight state.

NOTE: Styling method can alter the final length, if you drag it while wet, you’ll gain more length but have less curl and if you scrunch and/or diffuse the the hair for a more defined curls, you’ll lose more length.