Are you proud of how you rock your Luxurious ONYC® Hair?


When it comes to daily outings, do you swear by your Sleek Relaxed Perms, Bouncy Waves and Kinks?


Do you inspire fellow hairnistas to go to their stylist with their own ONYC® pouches just because they got to have it!?


If you answered yes to any of these questions, then show onlookers how well you represent the ONYC® International brand.  With enough votes you might be the next “I AM ONYC®” contest winner, with a Grand Prize to die for!


Step into the new year with your lucky self-rocking your ONYC®” Rare Brazilian Hair.



The top 3 popularity vote winners will stand a chance to be shipped a prize that has never been offered by ONYC® International. Such generosity will help bring in an eventful new year.


 Grand Prize Winner

  • Two Pouches (8 ounces) of our Authentic Brazilian Virgin from the Luxury Ultima™ Collection
  • ONYC® Ultimate Diffuser
  • 1 year supply of our Demorin™ Smoothing  Serum (two dozens)
  • 20% off gift card on all in stock items for you and 10 friends
  • Assorted Hair Accessories
  • ONYC® Bedazzled Tee
  • Feature on ONYC® World platforms.

⃰Shipping fees applies*  Discount codes valid  for one time individual use till June 30th 2012 ⃰  Order total can not exceed $500 retail value to redeem discount code* Free Hair is available in Body Wavy 2A, Wavy 2B-2C , Curly 3A and Curly 3B ONLY Maximum length is 18 inches*

1st Runner Up

  •  50% OFF discount on any in stock items
  • 6-Months supply of our Demorin™ Smoothing Serum (a dozen)
  • 20% OFF gift card for 5 family/ friends
  • ONYC® Bedazzled Tee
  • ONYC® Ultimate Diffuser
  • Feature on ONYC® World platforms

*Shipping fee appllies, Discount codes valid till June 30th 2012, Order total can not exceed $500 retail value to redeem discount code*

2nd Runner Up

  • One-time personal 30% OFF discount on any in stock items
  • 20% OFF gift discount for 3 friends/ family
  • ONYC® Bedazzled Tee
  • 3-Months supply of our Demorin™ Smoothing Serum (half a dozen)
  • ONYC® Ultimate Diffuser
  • Feature on ONYC® World platforms

*Shipping fee appllies, Discount codes valid till June 30th 2012,  Order total can not exceed $500 retail value to redeem discount code*


  • All approved contestants will receive an ONYC® Bedazzled Tee.
  • ⃰T shirt will only be shipped with placed order* 

*Certain sizes are subject to availability*


Entry Process

Phase 1

1) Wearing any ONYC® Hair, creatively styled the ultimate ensemble and crafted hairstyles.  Glam it up and snap away!


2) Select two images showcasing different styles. Merge your photos together as one and upload it via ONYC Facebook Fan page.  Photo upload will be enabled on December 1st 2011


3) After uploading your photo, please email your order number/invoice to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . In the subject area write: “I AM ONYC Contestant.  Make sure to indicate your facebook user name or associated email address.


4) Once you have been verified and approved by ONYC®, invite all of your friends and family to help you rack up the most votes! You can enter the contest at any point in time but remember; the earlier you enter the more likely you are to accumulate votes. 


Phase 2

The popular vote will end on December 31st 2011.   The top three contestants have until January 13th, 2012 to upload a video demostrating how they achieve a particular look with their ONYC® Hair. 

Your are welcome to use image slides to demonstrate your look.


Winner Announcement

Entries will be judged on the basis of creativity, visual appeal, and effectiveness in conveying all the possible variations of how ONYC® Hair can be worn and styled. All contestants have the equal opportunity to get as many votes as possible.

 ONYC® Hair will review the top three contestants video and the winner announced on January 27th, 2012


*All entries are subject to review. We reserve the right to annul any entry that appears to be fraudulent.