ONYC® Hair is a registered trademark International Hair Extension Company. Our high quality hair products are unparalleled within an industry that has become saturated with inferior merchandise and companies that do nothing to value their customer base. ONYC® Hair is proud to produce a one of a kind product that is known for its lustrous, 100% Pure Cuticle, Virgin and Remy hair products from around the world, including Brazil, India, Mongolia and Southeast Asia.

Our attention to detail is what separates the brand from its competitors. Our Virgin Cuticle hair comes from one donor and our highly experienced teams and professional staff hand curls, seal and individually inspect every single bundle of hair before it is shipped. This level of hands on quality control ensures that any defects are identified and discarded promptly. Additionally, the use of 100% Pure Cuticle Hair means that our hair retains the integrity of the cuticle after it is textured which means a product that does not tangle like other brands on the market today.

The ONYC® Hair high level of standards extends across every one of our product lines. We offer Pure Virgin hair that isn’t processed or treated in any way. We also provide a very gently textured aligned Cuticle hair to provide rare and hard to find virgin textures. We work tirelessly to avoid chemically processing our hair to avoid damaging the cuticle, ensuring a strong and healthy product that will not become weak and break. All of our textured hair is comprised of only 100% Full Cuticle Hair to ensure that it retains the integrity of the cuticle after the texturing which means it will  not tangle like other textured hair on the market today.

ONYC® Hair will continue to redefine the expectations of women on a global scale. Special care and attention is always put into collecting and sorting our hair to ensure that the natural color, texture and sheen are maintained. It is time women expect more from their hair care brands and ONYC® Hair is the right beauty company to make that possible. 

ONYC Hair Virgin Cuticle hair


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CEO and founder of ONYC® Hair, Thelma Okoro, is a successful hair extension expert with many years of experience. She has a deep passion for hair! As an experienced well sought after hair extension expert, she maintained a 100% positive loyal customer base because she listens and understands what her clients want. She understands that the quality of the hair her clients use enhances the detail of her work and grew increasingly frustrated with the low quality hair available in the market today.

Most of the hair that is labeled 100% human hair is actually no more than 70% human hair mixed with horse fiber or a synthetic substitute. Furthermore, this hair has a mixed texture and color because it is residual hair collected from multiple people and it is necessary to put it through an acid bath to make the hair uniform. During this process the cuticle which gives hair its natural luster is stripped and damaged.

ONYC® hair was established initially to offer the very BEST in hair extensions to her Hair Salon clients ONLY. There was overwhelmingly positive feedback from her clients whom encouraged her to create ONYC® globally for customers, who deserve the very best hair their money can buy. Time and research has been invested to bring you the very best in hair extensions at an affordable price. We will never compromise the quality of our product!

Credibility and Integrity: As a registered trademarked Internationally Hair Company, we strive to be completely reliable and credible. We stand by our SLOGAN “IT’S PURE, FULL CUTCLE, NO JUNK!

Longevity: Our hair is 100% Pure Virgin ponytail hair. As a result, it will certainly last you for more than a year. All you have to do is wash, condition and treat it like your own God-given hair and you will have the same quality as the first time you bought it!

True Length: All our hair is true to length, we DO NOT pass “for instance hair” with few strands as actual length.

Consistent quality: Shop with confidence and expect the same quality if not improved each time!


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ONYC® is the Purest Hair you'll find
  • It is 100% Full Cuticle Human Hair.
Synthetic Masked as Human Hair
  • Most hair labeled 100% human hair is actually mixed with horse fiber or synthetic hair.
Great Customer Service with Knowledgeable staff- verifiable online!
  • We know hair, founded by well experienced hair extension stylist with over 20years experience.
Poor Customer service
  • Not able to answer basic hair questions about the product they offer.
ONYC® Hair is Ponytail hair
  • It is 100% Full Cuticle Human Hair directly from a verifiable donor.
Hair received from unverified sources
  • Some other companies are known for obtaining hair from black market bases.
ONYC® is acquired from 1 Donor per Bundle
  • 1 Donor ensures the hair retains its natural texture, color and sheen per bundle.
Hair obtained from a mixture of Donors per Bundle
  • A Mixture of donor hair is incorporated into one bundle thus achieving inconsistent texture and color per bundle.
Unidirectional Cuticle
  • Each strand is kept in the same direction. This ensures that all cuticles are intact, and hair is not tangled or matted.
Multi-directional Cuticle
  • Many companies offer non cuticle hair which will then require processing the hair thus disturbing the direction of the strands. This results in damage to the hair prior to use.
Reusable for an entire year
  • The ONYC® brand is proven to be reused for up to one full year. We have customers who reported using their hair for upto two years.
Only Usable for one install
  • Most other hair-extension brands do not stand up to the 1 year reuse test.
Easy to Chemically Treat
  • The ONYC® hair textures react to chemicals just as human hair. They can be effectively colored as desired.
Unable to process chemically
  • The product of many hair companies do not allow for any chemical processes. If chemically treated in anyway, the hair can actually be destroyed.
Assorted Textures From the "Straightest" to the "Kinkiest"
  • Just as the diversity found throughout the world, The ONYC® hair textures range from the sleekeststraight textures to seamlessly blend with varied Kinky Curly textures.
Limited Textures Available
  • Many other brands are restricted in the amount of variety of textures which they offer. The choices become generic and mundane.

Current International Distributors

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